What is a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours is an very effective way of showing all kinds of properties to potential clients that are not staying in the vicinity of the property.  The Virtual Tour loads fast on adsl connections and runs on a "flash" platform.  People using dial up connections can expect to wait a bit longer for the scenes to open, but the benefit of being put at the scene as if physically there far outweighs any waiting period!.

Clients all over the world can see and get a feel for a property from the comfort of their own house by viewing properties on the internet. 

Virtual tours will become a crucial product as more and more consumers, who live time constraint lives, will use the internet to purchase their life style products including vehicles and homes!   

"Virtual Tours are fast gaining acceptance as vital tools for estate agents, guest house owners and private sellers to effectively market property listings to remote buyers and to preview homes to interested buyers, therefore saving on travel time and costs. Estate Agents can offer sellers this value-added services and can in many cases secure sole mandates on properties. The virtual tour allows visitors to browse a property in a 360 degree direction with their mouse and explore rooms of a property in a more interactive way."

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